You deserve to be pampered

We promise squeaky clean facilities where drivers can unwind and feel at home. Our showers feature luxurious fixtures and finishes, and we’ve got plush towels, too.

Plus, Professional Drivers get a free shower with every fill-up of 300 litres or 75 gallons. Your fuel receipts can be redeemed for up to five days!

The IRVING24 shower program

Our shower program allows drivers to receive a free shower with linens simply by filling up. Present a fuel receipt for 300 litres or 75 gallons of fuel or more within a 5-day period from any Irving Oil location and suds up for free!

No fuel? No problem! A shower can be purchased at any of our IRVING 24 shower locations for $10.

Shower us with feedback!

Our shower feedback program gives you the opportunity to help make us better every day. Text or call us on your next visit to an IRVING 24 location.

Looking for the best showers on the highway?

Shower head